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Man Suspected to be yahoo boy reportedly kills, buries girlfriend inside his room (Video)

A young man suspected to be to be “yahoo boy”(Internet fraudster) have been accused of killing  his girlfriend and burying  her in a shallow grave he dug in his room.

In the trending video of this incident, residents of the location where this incident occurred   gathered to grasp a look at the shallow grave.

Although the location of this incident was made anonymous for reason best known to them, the poster advised women to  be careful out there.

“A yahoo guy killed and buried his girlfriend inside his house. “Girls, let’s be careful out there,” the user wrote.

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in another new, Nigerian Lady identified as Gift have been apprehended  for stabbing her boyfriend Eghosa to death  when he caught her cheating on him with another man in Edo state Nigeria.

Information gathered by  happening 247 was that the incident happened on Monday, October 24 at Imafidon Street, Egor, Benin, Edo State.

A source  attested  that the incident  occurred after Eghosa caught   Gift with another man at his home  and queried  her about it.

“The deceased is my uncle. She had visited his compound to see another man and she was caught. Eghosa accosted her and it led to an argument. Before eyewitnesses knew what was happening, she picked up a knife from his kitchen and stabbed him in his neck. He passed on and she was almost sent to hell’s gate by neighbors who saw what had happened” the source said .

The eyewitnesses handed her over to security personnel while Eghosa’s  corpse was moved to the nearest  morgue,” a source said.