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Man whose skeleton was seen in Ibadan has been located by the Oyo Police Command

Recollect that a case of a man whose skeleton was found in his room after four years was reported On Sunday by the representatives from the Landlord/Landlady’s association of Idi-Orogbo, Apete Ibadan, in Oyo state.

The Oyo State police  stated that the family members of the man have been located and reached out to.

The Public commands relation Mr Adewale marked the statement by saying that the finding was an outcome of the cooperation and supply of conceivable data to the Oyo State Police authority.

The policemen located the house of the dead man and found his corpse stuck on his bed while lying faced upward without any observable indications showing that he struggled before death.

The discoveries from occupants of the neighborhood, with the driver’s license that was found in his wallet, show that the name of the deceased is Aderemi John Abiola and the last time he was seen was in 2018.

The Commissioner of Police of Oyo State pleaded to members of the public to assist in providing vital information and he also required the direct transfer of the issue to the State CID.

The scene has been shut off in regards to public health and safety, to facilitate the culmination of the investigation that is intended for finding out the reason for his death.