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MTN Nigeria commercially launched the 5G network.

Nigerian Netwok provider MTN offically launched it’s  5G network on sunday 18th of september 2022.

This commercial launch of MTN 5G marks the beginning of a new world of opportunities for Nigerians enabled by the most reliable network.
In attendance were key members of the MTN leadership team and opinion leaders across relevant industries, including ICT, media, and high-value MTN customers; who experienced the wonder of 5G.
Simply put, 5G is the fifth generation of wireless technology. With download speeds up to 10 times faster than its predecessor, 5G will reinvent how we use the internet and bring us to a new phase of technological advancement with never-before-seen innovations and applications.

How To Get On 5G in Nigeria

To experience the power of 5G, you need a 5G phone or 5G router and a 4G-enabled SIM card. If you purchase our 5G broadband router, you’ll get a welcome offer of 100GB data by texting 5GCPE to 131.

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5G coverage is available in several locations nationwide.

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