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‘My last fight tore me apart’ – Anthony Joshua disclosed that he will not be fighting again until 2023

anthony Joshua
anthony Joshua

Popular British- American Boxer Anthony Joshua has disclosed that he take a rest in his boxing career.

The two times world champion said this followinf the constant defeat from   Russian Oleksandr Usyk ripping him of the opportunity to win the title again.

Anthony Joshua reveals

However, After the rematch rescheduled in Saudi Arabia, Joshua reflected on his behavior in which he  later apologized for.

He revealed that this absurd behavior showed how much the fight meant to him and he has been advised to take a break from boxing for the sake of his mental health.
Anthony Joshua reveals


Anthony said “You saw after my last fight, it tore me apart,’

“I had so much riding on it, for me, the British fans, the undisputed fight, it just really tore me apart. So from a mental capacity, my close ones are telling me: “you should rest mentally”.

“Physically, I’m down to fight. I’m a warrior, I like this game, I like competing. But on a mental aspect, I think people have really seen it means a lot.”.

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The  British-Nigerian boxer Anthony oluwafemi joshua  being defeated by a Russian boxer oleskandr Uysk in the battle of world heavyweight champion on Sunday 21 august 2020  is no new thing  neither is  Usman Kamaru’s knock out defeat again  Leon Edwards.

However, labour party presidential candidate Peter Obi took to his

twitter page to congratulate Anthony Josgua and Usman kamaru

despite the defeat and also gave them his word of encouragement

and motivation. In is twitter page, Obi, implied that the

significance of battle is not to always win rather but to give the

battle your best .

Obi said in his twitter page “I congratulate our own Anthony Joshua and Kamaru Usman for putting up such a brave fight against Oleksandr Usyk and Leon Edwards. Your spirit of courage, resilience and strength manifested in you throughout the match”.