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“My parents don’t want me to marry the father of my child because he is a mechanic” – Nigerian lady cries out.

Courage Okeola a 23 year old mother of one has resulted to social media to solicit for advice.

According to post Courage made on her social media handle, her

parents did not approve of her marring the father of her child

because he is a mechanic and not wealthy enough.

The young woman said her man’s family wants them to get married, but her parents won’t grant their consent, she revealed this in a Facebook group.

In her words

“Pls no insults i need ur advice I am in a relationship now

for two years and i av given birth but still my both parents

wants me to leave my child for my man and come back to dem simply because my man is a mechanic and he is not rich as they want and now my mans family want to marry me officially but my parent would not give dere consent and am scared i might lose him and i love him pls what should i do”