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“My relationship with Sheggz is private ; I will not read the thread on Sheggz abusing his ex” — Bella opens up on relation ship with Sheggs.

Bigbrother naija finalist Bella okagbue has aired her view over the allegation of alleged domestic violence leveled by the ex-girlfriend of her lover Sheggz.

The ex-girlfriend of reality star Sheggs, The ex, Bemi claimed that she was in a relationship with She and claimed with a proof that he was an abusive partner.

She took to her twitter during the show and reflected on how toxic her relationship with the star , which raised so many speculations about Sheggs behavior.

Bella, however, made it clear that she wouldn’t be affected by the expose’s disclosures of her relationship with Sheggs.

The Model disclosed this when a topic about  relationship came up during a Twitter Space she organized to interact with her fans and  followers.

She claimed to have knowledge  the accusations but stated that she had not  attempted read Bemi’s post and had no plans to do so.

Bella also said that she is keen on believing or trusting things like things like this until it happens to her.

As her followers attempted to learn more about her relationship with Sheggz, Bella chastised them and stated that she wants people to respect the privacy of her personal and romantic relationships.

She implored them to keep the topic about her and steer clear of Sheggz or their relationship.