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Naija which way; Nigeria politicians now holds meeting in London

The leading three presidential prospects of the 2023 coming election held there meeting in London with populace seen as political power brokers in the past week. They made sure that the pictures were exposed and multitude of Nigerian news papers published the pictures.

Fascinating or instead painful  aspect of the saga is that, in all those pictures, none among them is from Europe or any other country aside Nigeria. None of them in those image lives in Europe or is there as a momentary worker. All of them attended the meeting from Nigerian.
Many people might have said that the justification for the choice of London over Nigeria is due to security reasons but it is not true because most politicians went to River state. Wike invited them to panel few of the project he finished and there was nothing like any invasion caused by insecurity towards them.
 People also said that the motive  could be that Wike was spending his holiday in London with Ortom and Ikpeazu,which made it easier for his itinerary to harbor his visitors who need his support as the governor of Rivers State, still all those motives are unjustifiable.
Other composed countries takes dignity in showing specialties that portrays them as nationalistic, but Nigerian Politicians are always ready to show things that portray them as treachery.