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Nigerian lady dumps her husband barely two months after he relocated her abroad.(screenshot)

Nigerian lady; dumps husband
Nigerian lady; dumps husband

Popular twitter influencer wizarab has shared a heartbreaking story about his friend’s wife, who left him to be sleeping around after relocating her abroad . This Nigerian lady dumps her  husband started sleeping around.

This lady was reportedly relocated abroad by her husband but barely two months of her relocation, Nigerian lady dumps her husband and started sleeping around to the extent of leaving her husband’s house.

““This man is telling me how wife he brought as a dependent this May stayed in his house

for less than 2 months and moved out. He claimed she was sleeping with neighbors and

following Nigerian and White men.

He is tired of the embarrassment.

He even showed me pictures of her flaunting a white lover. He is afraid of false allegation to the police so he is minding his business and how he approaches things.

He is tired of the marriage already. I don’t tire. I’m just nodding my head because I know both of them.
Omo, I don tire. I domt know what to say.

Good luck to them.

He has told her to go and do what she wants to do with men if that makes her happy since she doesn’t want him anymore.
Ike Gwurum



Another related news

Nigerian UK-based woman has cried out over difficulty in finding spouse abroad.

The Nigerian has noted that finding a heartthrob is a difficult task in Nigeria and will

return to her home country solely to find a spouse.

The lady in the video said that so far, the men she comes that has approached her for

relation do not have what it takes to be a good husband.

She also said that the Good looking ones doesn’t bring anything to the table while the

ugly ones have a toxic lifestyle.

This lady said that in order to find a man that suits her liking , she will come back to

Nigeria , specifically Lagos to get herself a good man.

“Single ladies come! Let us talk. So I have finalized it. I’ve decided, I’m going to Lagos

Nigeria to find my man.

I am tired of the men in this London.

You find one that is attractive, they have nothing to offer. Fine boy, empty pocket! And

then you find the one with full pocket and a little bit of something to offer, not good-

looking and he is still disrespectful! Those ones are actually the most disrespectful.

They’re so disrespectful!

And then you now find the one that is, you know, he is still a bit good-looking, have

something to offer, STILL DISRESPECTFUL. They even have a wife or longtime girlfriend or

relationship and they’re still so disrespectful like…, You know what? E don do. Ladies!

Single ladies, let’s go, let’s go! Our future partner is in Nigeria”, she said.