Home viral Nigerian lady transformed from a church girl to a big “tomboy” (Video)

Nigerian lady transformed from a church girl to a big “tomboy” (Video)

The video a young girl shared on her social media stirred reaction as she completely transitioned from a petite church Girl to a complete Big tomboy.

In the viral made that was making round media , she made video of her transformation process on Tiltok and a he She posted a picture of her when she was in a conservative cloth and looked like a church girl but seconds later she flipped to a recent picture of her where transformed to a complete tomboy.

Tik tokers are with the opinion that she looked more like a man than a woman in the new photo.

These are some reaction the video garnered.

@alexjr707:they don carry precious go where she nor know ooo.

@phaithlyn22:Something is not clear ….like wft 😳😂.

@steph_annie6:See change 😳😳😳😳😳I had to watch multiple times to understand the transformation 😳😳😳😳.

@nereus500:Nah this loosing game challange I wan dey seeee.

@xuccessfulcakesnmore:😁😁😁I always have something to say..but rn I’m speechless 😶.

@emmaokojie212:I like this like of transformation 🥰 it was amazing 😻 love the transformation 🥰🥰.

@user973576765375:god will keep blessings you dear😍😘👄💋💍💎..pls con teach me work I wanna learn😥😢.

@_preshcutie:Awww…I think I love this one with my name ….😁.

@iamnanaboateng:From Madam Cynthia to Razak 😂😂😂😂