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Nigerian Policemen protecting Only Elites, Empty buildings, Not Protecting Citizens anymore – AAC Presidential Candidate, Sowore

African Action Congress (AAC) presidential candidate Omoyele Sowore, has kicked the Nigeria Police Force, saying that its personnel failed to do their duties despite the alarming insecurity in the country.

while speaking in an interview with the Africa Independent Television (AIT), said the Nigerian policemen had been reduced to guiding only the Important Personalities (VIPs) in the country while the rest of Nigerians languished at the mercy of bandits and kidnappers.

The #RevolutionNow cloner said that police officers serve as security attachés to prominent personalities at social events, instead of carrying out their responsibility of maintaining law and order in the interest of the general public.

Sowore stated, “In this country today, the Nigeria police force are no longer carrying out police duties, the army is the one doing police work. What the police are doing is [to] accompany prominent people to parties, and accompany VIPs. They are just doing VIP protection.

“We have 350,000 policemen. In Asokoro area, every house you go to has six policemen in front of them doing nothing — just protecting VIPs. Many of the houses that have policemen in front of them, they don’t have people even living in the houses because they have reduced the police to zero.

“Our security agencies are being managed by incompetent people and leaders. They are appointed based on ethnicity, nepotism and religiosity.”
They are not appointed on merit.

AAC presidential aspirant Sowore further quote the heartbreaking state Nigeria’s education sector. He stated that the situation of public education in the country has become one of the major contributors to the present insecurity in the country.

“The children that we did not allow to go to school between the year 1999 and 2022 are part of the bandits that are closing down private universities now because very soon all the universities may have to close down whether it is private or public.

“Any opportunity you lose to give children the opportunity to learn, you have also destroyed the future of your own country,” he said.