Home crime Ogun state Monarch allegedly blinds trader for dancing with the queen .

Ogun state Monarch allegedly blinds trader for dancing with the queen .

A trader  identified as Wasiu Oduwole demands for justice claiming that Ogun state tradition  identified as Nureni Oduwaye allegedly kicked his eye at Moore Blessing Hotel ,Ikenne, in the Sagamu Local government area of Ogun state .

Wasiu Oduwole claimed that he could no longer see with the eye.

According to information gathered by happening 247 Nureni Oduwoye carries out that act on Wasiu after accusing him of dancing with the queen during a birthday celebration at the hotel.

It was gathered that the monarch ,his Queen  And aides were invited to the birthday celebration y the celebrant identified as Iya Alaje.

Wasiu disclosed that the owner of the hotel contracted him for 14 plates of catfish pepper soup before the birthday celebration .On reaching the venue , he discovered that the ingredients need for the pepper soup were incomplete.

Wasiu said

“So, I decided to manage the ingredients because the distance of the hotel to the market is far. We were serving the guests when the owner of the hotel and the celebrant approached me and said the guests were complaining that the pepper soup was not well-nourished“

I told him it wasn’t my fault and that the ingredients were not enough. After I was done with the cooking, I went into the bar, met the owner of the hotel, the celebrant, Iya Alaje, her husband, and a woman, who I never knew was a queen. I started apologising to them and I was told not to worry.

The celebration was ongoing when the monarch, Nureni Oduwaye, entered. The deejay was playing and everyone was dancing. I was surprised as the celebrant and the queen were singing secular music. I commended them because people of their age and status don’t usually like secular music, let alone knowing the lyrics,” Wasiu said.

Wasiu said that he immediately identified himself as the brother of the owner of the hospital when the monarch asked him to identify himself . He also said that the Ruler angrily left the venue however , the hotel owner and husband of the celebrant ran after him after which the asked him to apologize to the monarch.

Wasiu said, “The queen was even asking what I did wrong but for the sake of peace, I went to apologise to him. When I got to where he was, I started begging him. I told him I was informed that he was annoyed because I was dancing with his queen and said I did not dance with her.

“As I was attempting to lie down to continue

begging, he used his leg to kick my left eye.

The injury in my eye was so severe that I was rushed to a nearby hospital from where I was transferred to the Olabisi Onabanjo University Teaching Hospital.

The monarch only checked on me once and as I am speaking to you, I can no longer see with my left eye. I am blind in my left eye. The case was reported at the Area Command, Sagamu, but nothing was done because the police refused to carry out an investigation. The incident happened on September 21, 2022; I want justice.”

Wasiu’s mother, Shakirat, accused the Sagamu Area

Commander of attempting to sweep the case under

the carpet, adding that the monarch was using his

influence to prevent justice.

She said, “When I saw my son in the hospital, I

almost fainted. I was advised to report the case to

the Area Commander, Sagamu, and when we got

there, I was crying and explaining to him, but he

said we would have to settle the case.

“He said he is the son of a king and the person

responsible for my son’s condition is also a king and

for that reason, we have to settle the case.

I am speaking up because I want justice for my son;

the police have refused to carry out any


The owner of the hotel, who confirmed the attack on Wasiu, said the monarch had been acting unremorseful.

Omobolanle said, “When I was told that the

monarch became angry because Wasiu was dancing

with his queen, I had to tell him that I was the one

who invited Wasiu to prepare the catfish and that he

does not know his queen. He was just acting

annoyed. The husband of the celebrant told Wasiu

to beg the monarch and it was in the process of

begging that the monarch kicked his eye.

 “I was the one that rushed him to a hospital and paid the hospital bill. I have been told that Wasiu no longer sees with the eye.”