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Presidency: A Northerner as the next President will threaten the unity of Nigeria – Fani-Kayode

Femi Fani-Kayode, Former Aviation Minister, has stated that Nigeria cannot condone  another eight years of a Northerner being the president.

In his Article on ‘Power shift, Tinubu presidency and the PDP’, Fani-Kayode cautioned Southern and Northern counterparts against betraying the APC leader.



“Nothing could be more dangerous to our national cohesion than another 8 years of Norther rule after President Muhammadu Buhari.”,he said.

Fani-Kayode commended APC governors in the North for seeing the “foreseeing the flaws” and insisting that presidential power moves to the South.

“The greatest threat to Nigeria’s national unity is the refusal to shift power to the South next year”, he asserted.

The former presidential aide said they did not just say no to another Fulani, “but they went further by saying no to ANY Northerner”.

The author said the governors’ action was a matter of honor because it was the commitment that they made in 2015 when President Buhari assumed power.


Fani-Kayode gave them the accolade  for not breaking their word/promise as the power may remain in the North if APC and PDP candidates are both Northereners.

Kayode said, “Does this not present a very potent danger and threat to our hopes and aspirations for national unity and stability given all we have witnessed over the last 7 years?”.

he  said To Nigerians,  whoever their candidate may be, “we must ensure that power comes to the South in order to stop this dangerous cycle of regional and ethnic tension, and entrench national unity.”

Fani-Kayode lambasted the PDP for allowing a Northerner to emerge as its 2023 candidate, observing that party members and leaders from the South and Middle Belt, led by Governor Nyesom Wike, are against it.

“If the leading opposition party could breach its rules on zoning, “cheat” party faithful, and deny the South their presidential ticket, “what won’t they do to Nigeria if they were to ever win power? ”He said


“Is it not wickedness? Is this not a formula for disaster and a statement of intent for the perpetual enslavement of the South?

“Is this not an insult on the sensibilities and slap on the faces of every Southerner and Northerner that believes in fairness and decency?

Fani kayode wondered why the Board of Trustees chair and National Chairman have refused to resign despite being from the same region with Atiku.