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Presidency: Tinubu will bring end to corruption in Nigeria –Malam Isa Yuguda

ex governor of bauchi

There is no doubt that corruption    have  been a long time enemy battling the country for decades , However,  former Bauchi State governor , Malam Isa Yuguda has said that APC presidential candidate, Bola Tinubu will effectively battle  the issue of corruption   posing as a threat to Nigeria if he is eventually elected as  the next President of Nigeria in next presidential election come  2023.

Isa  Yuguda poured out  his mind  during a Television programme on Sunrise Daily , Channels on Monday.

He criticized the  Nigerian government under the leadership  of President Muhammadu Buhari, implying that it was a total failure for breaking  its promise to fight corruption.

“Corruption is an inherited problem and it is getting worse whether we like it or not until Nigerians come to the reality that corruption is killing us and it will kill us finally. Everybody is corrupt, I’m afraid “he said..

Speaking further, Yuguda, who is a chieftain of the APC, said he was confident that with Tinubu at the helm of affairs, the problem of corruption would be addressed.

“This government came with the intention of fighting corruption headlong but we don’t know the kind of landmines that were placed on their way to be disabled” he emphasized .

“So, If they failed in addressing it, it is a question of we tried and we failed. But corruption in Nigeria, I am assuring you is the problem and if we don’t address it, it will end up ending Nigeria.

Yuguda said “The government has not failed because that was what was inherited. I was part of the previous government and I have seen corruption”.

Ex governor said “We are very positive that the APC government of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will address the problem. Of course, I am very positive that he is going to win”.

“If Nigerians are wise, if you are there to appraise somebody based on performance, among all the candidates you have, he is the only person that has something to show for.