Home Breaking news PROBLEM IN NIGERIA HEALTH SECTOR; as Nigeria is not yielding sufficient doctors

PROBLEM IN NIGERIA HEALTH SECTOR; as Nigeria is not yielding sufficient doctors

The chairman of the medical and dental consultants association of Nigeria (MDCAN) University college hospital

(UCH) Ibadan, Dr Olusola said that Nigerian has not been yielding sufficient doctors due to the persistent strike by

ASUU in the education sector.

The doctor announced to commemorate the advent of the organizations annual broad meeting in Ibadan on Monday

, he said that this has heightened the present emigration of the highly skilled Nigerians mainly doctors to other

countries for new opportunities because of the amount of insecurity, low earnings and uncomfortable working

environmentalamidst other aspects.

Dr ibiyemi, sided by other MDCAN executive members, remarked that the country presently has a shortage of over

300,000 medical doctors. He also said that the refusal of the governments to pay health specialists the assigned allotment wasn’t helpful in the encouragement of the health employees to keep rendering their services.

About 727 Nigerian doctors relocated to the United Kingdom, within the year of 2021-2022, a country with already over 9000 Nigerian doctors working there.

Presently in Ibadan UCH, if you ask the resident doctors, they will say that most of them are planning to migrate to another country to work.

The country already have doctors immigrating to other countries and there is a condition where sufficient doctors are not stimulated to take the place of the relocated doctors.

The problem is how to resolve these issues in other to keep Nigerian doctors in the country, because no one can exploit them not to leave the country.