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Pure water “companies” increase price to N300 per bag

The Association of Table Water Producers has raised the price of sachet water to N300 per bag.

This announcement was made on Wednesday by the National President, Clementina Ativie.

The decision was  reached without opposition during the ATWAP national convention in Abuja.

Clementina said that the increment was due to recent prices of material and Nigeria’s economic situation.

“The price of sachet water popularly known as pure water is now N300 per bag as the company price.

She also said that there will be no extra bag or extra pieces henceforth for wholesale or retail buyers because the cost of production had gone far beyond what they can bear.

She also added that the new rate would help them to keep up with bills and remain in business.

They appealed to citizens to understand the current situation and bear with the union.