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Real men carry their wife’s bag-kenyan husband says.

Kenyan man identified as Lawrence Macharia otherwise known Terrence Creative, has in a new post thought men how to  treat their wives.

According to Lawrence on instagram, real men carries the wife’s bag , make break fast ,open and close door for them.

He shared a lovely picture of him and his  wife and was seen carrying his wife’s bad in the loved up photo tagging it the quality of a good man.

“Real men carry their wife’s bag, make them breakfast, open the door for them and pull a chair for them,” he captioned the post.

While reacting to the post, the wife Milly chebby thanked him for this undying Love towards her.

Few weeks back ,Popular Kenyan gospel singer and music

Producer Wiliam Getumbe,  had confessed about his bedwetting

habit and how he has been coping with it in his marriage.

This unbelievable confession was disclosed by Getumbe  to

TUKO.co.ke’s Brian Ajon during an exclusive interview with him,

stating that his wife Virginia Masitha, had a knowledge of this rare

condition of his and have ben helping him out  by diapering him

every night before he sleeps to avoid wetting the bed.

Getumbe also ascertained that the , he might not be the only

adult that bed wets but he is the only one that is not ashamed to

let his condition known to family and public  ascertaining that

such adults ends up ruining their marriages .

The also showered at lot of praises on his wife who has supported and stood by him even with his embarrassed condition.

“Many families have been broken because of bedwetting.

night without looking down on me. Many men are using pampers,

in particular high schoolers, drunkards, and those who are

terminally ill. I advise men not to fear using diapers; it is the only

way to keep the bedroom clean,” he said.

Causes of adult bed-wetting may include: A blockage

(obstruction) in part of the urinary tract, such as from a bladder

stone or kidney stone. Bladder problems, such as small capacity

or overactive nerves