Home Breaking news Robber alleged killed by Angry mob in Ilesa,Osun state.

Robber alleged killed by Angry mob in Ilesa,Osun state.

A man, identified as Loni, was alleged killed  by angry mobs in the  early hours of Sunday morning in ilesa, Osun State.

According to the mobs, He was alleged to have stolen a motorcycle at Ireti , Ilesa.

According to an anonymous source, The alleged  stolen motorcycle   dispossessed  by Loni from an unsuspecting commercial motorcyclist in the area, in the late hours of Saturday.

Commercial motorcyclists and passersby in the community apprehended him after he was observed carting away a motorcycle.

One source, disclosed that the suspect has numerous records of robbery previously  with the police in Ilesa,  the source also disclosed that other commercial motorcyclists who identified him as a robber and were aware of his theft history, took him away and killed him.

“Nigeria Police, A Division, Ayeso, Ilesa was aware of the development and that his corpse had been deposited at a mortuary in Ilesa town” ,he said.