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Sanusi: I’m worried about Nigeria’s next president

Lamido Sanusi, the one-time Emir of Kano, known by the religious title, Khalifa, has said that he is worried for the next president of Nigeria after the reing Buhari.

He made this statement in Kaduna on Saturday while attending to prominent politicians at a Kaduna Investment programme titled “Building a resilient economy.”

Sanusi said:

“In other words, debt service is now 108 percent of revenue. Every naira the Federal Government earns goes to service debt, and it is not enough, (as the FG) has to borrow to service the debt. And then begin to borrow to build roads, pay salaries and overheads.

“We are leaving a mountain of debt for our children. They might curse us because we are taking all the money borrowed to subsidize petrol and enjoy it cheaply.

“We see the problem and we are going to continue. I’m sorry for the next president who comes in June and says I’m removing fuel subsidy after day one.”