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Skeletal remains of Man found inside his bedroom After 4 years in oyo state(photos)

“Landlord Found dead in his room after 4 yours of Absence”

The skeletal remains of a Man  identified as John Aderemi Abiola, has been discovered in his bedroom after almost four years since he absence .

The man was last seen in the in the December 2018, one year after he moved into the community, and barely related with people in his neighborhood.

The carcass of this man was discovered when the residents of Adeosun/Idi Orogbo Community in Ido Local Government leaders embarked and mass clearing of bushes in the community  due to invasion of reptiles .


Witnesses said that the deceased  told two people that he was travelling to Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and would be back for the Ileya festivities in 2018.

However, when they did not see him, they thought he chose to stay back in Rivers State.

As the years went by, the weeds in his compound grew beyond his fence into the next compound, where the owner of the property had already moved in, leading to the invasion of snakes and other reptiles.

As the complaints of the community landlords grew , they decided to find a way to gain access into the compound to clear the bush and got permission from the Apete Police station.

Last Sunday, the community hired labourers to

clear the thick bush as the house was built at the

back of the land while the front side was free space.

While the laborers of  the community was clearing clearing the land, they first noticed Mr

Abiola’s volkswagen Golf car with registration

number AKD 769 DC which was was covered by bushes.

Then a building   With open window was noticed . Out of curiosity,

they looked into the room and saw the man’s

skeletal remains  scattered on the bed, prompting

them to raise alarm.

Police officers, operatives of Nigeria Security and

Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) and the Ministry of

Environment went to the scene to investigate the


Unfortunately, there is no way to contact his relative as his network have been disconnected due to prolonged dormancy .