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“Soso is not my friend , He’s my enemy , He sent people to come and kill me in portharcourt -Harrysong claims that 90 percent of his friends are his enemy.(VIDEO)

Nigerian musician said that all the people in the music industry claiming to be his friend  are actually his enemy.

He disclosed this during an interview with the hosts of frankly speaking  podcast .

According to Harrysong’s  words ,SOS was not his friends and everybody believed him to be , Acording to him , dodo is not his friend that we wanted to kill him.

Although the singer didn’t come clear as to which “Soso” He is talking about but it was believed that the SOSO he is talking about a music producer Soso soberekon.

Harrysong claimed that Soso sent people to come and assassinate him in port harcourt,although Soso soberekon haven’t reacted to the allegations and have left people in suspense as to whether harrryson is talking about him .

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