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“Stop that nonsense!” – Ese Eriata issues stern warning to online fashion vendors

Ese Eriata
Ese Eriata

Popular BBnaija start Ese Eriata has resulted the  social media to issue warning to online fashion vendors

The star took to her snapchat  warning online vendors stating that it so annoying to her when someone sells inferior designer outfit and use a picture of someone wearing to original to advertise and market her business.

Ese Eriata issues

she lashed out on such vendors while also suggesting that they should look for models to advertise are market their fake products instead of using another person’s picture .

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“Fashion vendors should stop that nonsense”

Nothing annoys me more than seeing someone rocking an expensive outfit worth millions, then you now see the picture on a vendor’s page for 20k or 55k without acknowledging that the picture is the original and what they are selling is the replica.

That’s highly insulting and downgrading to the person in the picture, you fashion vendors should stop that nonsense. Post your actual picture or look for someone to model your replica for you.


Weeks back Ese Eriata  aired her view  about people that allow their parents to decide for them who should be their life partner .

Ese ascertained that such people tend to make a lot of mistakes in their marital life.

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“The biggest mistake you can ever make in your life is letting your parents decide who you should end up with.

How parents always think they know it all because they feel they

have been there makes me wonder if they realize they are using their clock to set our time.

All they want is the best for you and what will favor the family.

But they neglect the part where they have to be sure if what they

want for you is what you want for yourself.

I hear things like “I’m not into my marriage” and when you ask

“why?” You hear things like “My parents wanted it”.

Do you know the regret that comes with ending up with someone you don’t want to be with?

Then they console you with “Don’t worry love will come along the line”
shey na from Arik Airline or Emirates airline e go pass come?

It’s 2022, That nonsense has to stop honestly, the most irritating

part is when they are specific on the tribe not to bring home. Like

say e no get tribe wey no dey do evil things.”