Home Health The discovered a “blood like ” water from her home(VIDEO)

The discovered a “blood like ” water from her home(VIDEO)

An American woman identified as Molly Minta  molly minta  on twitter share a video of how her waater turned ” cofee like” when she woke up in the morning .

Molly disclosed that she recently rented a house in Mississippi  where this incident took   place.

She diclosed that thr reason the relocated to the apartment in Mississippi was because of good credit the community had about wat ,however, the reverse was the


In her words:

I live in Belhaven, and some of my neighbors have been speculating the water is safer here because we’re close to a water plant but pretty far from the reservoir. Well…

“I just talked with my landlord’s office manager, and she said that many of their properties in Belhaven and Belhaven Heights are affected.

“Their office water is currently the color of “weak coffee”

“That’s all to do with the city of Jackson and boil water notice and stuff like that,” she said.

“Fellow reporters: Your outlet is welcome to use this video that I took today in my home, just please credit it “Molly Minta/Mississippi Today.” Thanks”
However a  sample of the water have been taked for laoratory text by her.

Watch the video below
Source: Molly minta @ twitter