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“The first Time I danced on a stripping pole , I was crying”-BBNaija ChiChi says .(VIDEO)

Ex  stripper turned Bigbrother reality tv start , Chichi , has clear all air and mis judgement people have about strippers/ exotic dancers .

Durng and interview or rather chat with Hero Daniels , she said that exotic dancing is a profession  just like other profession but it is heartbreaking because people usually tag it dirty and inappropriate for a girl to do.

Chichi also disclosed that she started the stripping job when no one wanted to help her, claiming that those she met to help her was asking for something else and she is stingy with her self and can’t satisfy their need .

According to Chichi, the first time she danced on that stripping pole , she cried, became depressed, wet her clothes with tears  and sometime do not feel like going to work but she knew that she had no choice.

The Ex- exotic dancer said that she needed money to take herself out of the situation that she situation she was and exotic dancing was the only thing that saved her.

Chichi also added people always see exotic dancers and promiscuous and loose girls but it’s not what it is as she claimed that most of the girls at her work place are still virgins and are doing the work because of the condition they found themselves In.

Watch her speak