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Their mother turned them against me after i gave her N600 to prepare food-Man who set his 5 stepchildren Ablaze in Ondo state opens up

The 64 year old Joseph Ojo who previously set his five step-children ablaze in Ondo state has  disclosed that he did that because the children always join hands with their  mother to beat him. during a misunderstanding.

According to what Ojo said,, he set his step-children ablaze ant his home  in Fagun crescent area of ondo  state ,last saturday November 5.

Reports gathered was that one of the children was burnt to death while two others passed away at the hospital.

During parade at the state state police head quarters at Akure,on Wednesday November 9, joseph claimed that his wife cajoled her children to  beat him up after he gave her N00 to cook  a mean for the family.

The perpetrator also claimed that the wife always deny him of food  even when the money for food is being provided by him, he also said that the misunderstanding he had with his wife that led to this incident stemmed from when his wife refused to prepare food for him, rather the wife and children took turns in beating him up.

Ojo said that the incident made him sad  that he had to look fof fuel in his sawer machine and proceeded to the children’s room and set the room ablaze.


He said that has been married to four women all his life and has a total of 10 children, and also disclosed that the mother of the burnt victim is his fourth wife.


“I am 64 years old. I have married four wives. I did not strangulate my first wife. I have 10 children from different women,” he said.

“The one I married last if I give her money and she buys food, she does not give me food. She does not wash my clothes. She always fights me, despite giving me money.

“We have been together for two years. She and her children used to fight and beat me. They are always fighting. She will not fetch water for me. She fights the whole street. She always fights me alongside her children. They always beat me.

“We fought the day I set the children ablaze. We did not use to quarrel over sex. Everybody in the street knows the children used to beat me. We fought the night I set them ablaze.”