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“Them no explain this pregnancy tin well for me, I for quit” Pregnant lady breaks down in tears after receiving injections [Video]

A pregnant woman have been captured in a viral video weeping profusely after receiving several pregnancy injection and also regretting ever  getting pregnant.

The lady was seen  crying profusely and constantly putting the blame on her husband.

The husband who was caught up in this drama queried her how   he was the caused of the whole situation , but she replied him saying that it is because she is carrying his child.

According to the pained lady, she would not have gotten pregnant if she know that number of injections involved during pregnancy.

Dem no explain this pregnancy tin well. If I know say injection join, I for quit,” the caption read. s from netizens

susantehmmmy: Awwww sowie baby geh.. I agree ya nuh going there again… 😂…..

dorkasjhosef  Eya. One day this tears will turn to happiness. God bless all mothers

king_fisayomi:Aswear it’s not easy 😂😂😂😂 there’s still another one o b4 u out to bed on your shoulder just get ready and zip ur mind strong 😂😍😍😍.

chukwuebukam5:Oga do DNA OO forget that cry😂🏃