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This Is Sad! I slept with my daughter three times a father says

49 year old Amoda Bola who has been arrested by

the Ogun State Police Command for the raping of

his 14 year old daughter narrates how it all started

In his interview with Daud Olatunji.

According to the interview it happens that the 49 year old man is a dry cleaner in Ishara, who lives in the Ishara area of Remo-North.

He is a father of 5 children and the 14 year old girl is his fourth child.

Amoda Bola said that he divorced the wife after giving birth to the child and after that the girl was kept in the custody of her maternal grandmother.

She started living with him three years ago and he enrolled her to a school.

He furthermore explains that he started sleeping

with her daughter on one exact day when he came

back from work and the daughter was alone with

him, he asked the child to bring food for him but

didn’t know when he grabbed her and had

intercourse with her.

She did not want to fight me he said, but she asked why i did that to her, then i pleaded with her.

He continued by saying that it happened again a moth after the first occurrence and she didn’t protest. The third occurrence happened in July 2022. I told her to wait for me in my room after she fetched water for me to have my bath and it happened again.

I have slept with my daughter four times.

What happened was a mystery i regret it and it is a terrible thing to do. He furthermore said that he seek help from a herbalist and he was told that it was a spiritual issue, he was asked to perform some rituals by the herbalist which he did the Sunday before he was arrested.