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This Tribe in Africa offers sex to Guest and they don’t bath

The Himba people are a nomadic tribe with a population of 50,000.

They reside in the northern part of Namibia.the people are predominantly livestock farmers who use cattle as

currency and measurement of wealth.


Because of the hot semi-arid climate of their land, both women and men in this tribe are accustomed to wearing

traditional attires, which are usually little or no clothes at all.


The Himba people are famous for using something called Otjize(a paste for their hair and skin)It is usually made

from a mixture of butterfat and ochre pigment which they use to cover their skin to give it some sort of reddish

muddy appearance. They believe that the mixture cleanses their skin especially during water scarcity as well as

protects the skin against insect bites and the sun.

They are known to be a polygamous tribe with their men entitled to as many wives as possible. Though the law in

Namibia is against child brides, the people of this tribe still uphold this “tradition”, as girls as young as 10 are usually married off to older men.

It is usually the responsibility of the father to find a suitable husband for his daughter. women aren’t allowed many rights.

once a girl reaches puberty, she is married off by her father.

As a wife, she has no rights to object to her husband’s wishes. She is to obey him.

The wife swapping tradition has existed for centuries amongst them .It is otherwise known as “Okujep omukazendu”

which simply means “offering a wife to a guest.”

According to the demands of this culture, a husband can allow his wife to sleep with any male visitor that chooses to

spend the night in their home.her husband must spend the night in a different room.


Where there is no available room, he is expected to sleep outside.

When a male visitor comes with his own wife, he can reach an agreement to exchange wives for the night