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TikTok Lady narrates how she started suffering domestic violence shortly after her marriage.(WATCH)

A Nigerian Lady identified as @favourofafrica on tiktok shared a story of how she was subjected to domestic violence shortly after she got married.

The  lady filmed herself in a video that is now making round media

narrating how her life completely changed within few months of

getting married and also to create awareness that she

domestically abused.

In the video, the she first displayed a picture of her before the 8

months long ASUU strike, how she got married during the strike

got pregnant and  lastly displayed the outcome of her marriage and was spotted with bruised face without the pregnancy..


Favor  captioned the video” Story of my life, Before ASUU strike, looking all good. I’m tired. Look at the way I’ve lost weight”.

However, it appears she was no longer pregnant towards the end of the video  and this stirred different reactions from other tiktok users.

While some  TikTokers praying for her tofrom the trauma,majority of people seems not  believe her story as they feel it’s only made it up.

Here are some reaction to the post.

@dherealella:I nor know why I nor believe this story😂😂😂😂 anyway you will make a good actress 🥰 hope it’s cruise tho.

@capricornqueen32:Sorry 😢 I’m going through such thing now and I’m tired too 😭 😭.

@odoziaku04:What of your baby! God to your father’s house 🥺.

@just_naomia:omg where’s yur baby??
please girl you need to leave and heal.

@lovelynluxurybagsandmore:Na makeup be this no be beating bcoz I no believe 🥺🥺.

@dhinma0:You should leave asap, hope your baby is safe too tho..we the commenters are just gonna talk,buh its up to you… you gonna go or not!.

@lucianoezeoru:Am a leaving testimony to toxic relationships…it will drain u mentally, physically n emotionally…but once Dey hit u just leave for ur life ooo.

@kaylakapri126:Na only me see say na makeup u rub for face 😂😂😂😂😂.

@chiomzeevlogs:😳😳😳 In how many months of asuu?? Is this true , what of your baby.

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