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Today marks it exact one year I was detained by the Nigerian Navy-Skit maker-Cute Abiola

Skit maker Abdulgafar Abiola, popularly known as Cute Abiola, has marked the first anniversary of his arrest and subsequent detention by the Navy for flouting the social media rules of the Force.

Cute Abiola was detained without the knowledge of his family in 2021, which caused his wife to raise an alarm on social media about his whereabouts.
 The skit maker on his Instagram page said, “ Today, being 16th November 2022, makes it exactly one year I was arrested and detained by the Nigerian Navy for violating the Force Social Media Regulation“ by posting my pictures on social media while on uniform.
“I recalled this voyage with longing memories and I agreed that the torments of those times were efforts by.
the Navy to prepare me for the numerous tasks ahead.
“Now, the lessons learnt and experience gathered are propelling me towards actualizing my dreams. It’s really a moment to remember.”