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Unknown attacker killed Ataga while I was out — Chidinma denies killing Ataga ,discloses who killed him.

Chidimma  Ojukwu who is a Prime suspect in the murder of Super TV CEO , Late Usifo Ataga has denied murdering him and also disclosed the people that murdered him.

This was disclosed by Chidimma in a confessional video where she denied killnd Ataga.

Lagos high court sitting that is situated at Tafawa Belewa square resumed watching the taped confessional video of Chidimma.

Recall that happening247 reported that the high court started watching the recorded confessional video of Chidimma about late Ataga’s death last week.

Ojukwu, in the video that was played before Justice Yetunde Adesanya, claimed that she didn’t know who killed the deceased as she just went out on Tuesday, and by the time she got back, she saw Ataga on the floor and she quickly left because she was scared.

She said, “I don’t know who entered. I just picked my things and left because I was scare.

However, on the Alastair adjourned date on October 11, the video recording was partly played ,displaying on the screen the Lifeless body of Ataga and later displayed Ojukwu’s confession , she said that she killed Ataga by hersef and no one assisted her in doing so.

In the video, she said, “There was nobody that assisted me, I did it alone.”