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UPDATE:Absence of interpreter delays the court trials of Chinese man that murdered his girlfriend in Kano.

A high court sitting has adjourned the  case trial Of the Chinese man Geng Quangrong that butchered his girlfriend Ummukulsum Sani Buhari,in Kano  because she turned down his marriage proposal .

Geng Quangrong was first prosecuted before a magistrate court sitting on Wednesday September 21, it it was reported that he addressed the court using his language with made it impossible for everyone one including the judge to understand him, this however lead to the. Adjournment of the case and was later transferred to high court .

Mr Quangrong was later re-arraigned on Monday 3 October 2022, but was also adjourned because he lacked an interpreter.

As the hearing resumed on , October 4, the defence counsel, Muhammad Dan’azumi requested for an interpreter to be provided for his client.

In response to his request, the Kano state Attorney General and commissioner of justice, M, A Lawan said the case could not be heard as the accused person has the constitutional right to be communicated to in the language he understands.

“The issue of interpreter was raised which is a constitutional issue and after the last adjournment, we wrote a letter to the Chinese embassy requesting for interpreter because we expected this to happen and I am sure they will do that. That s is why we adjourned the matter to at least three weeks. Ordinarily, it’s supposed to be a week.” he said.