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“We had to fly to Lagos to pick the Pilot taking us to London from Abuja -Lady narrates her thrilling flight experience.

A Nigerian woman identified as Marlene  onyeocha had narrated her thrilling flight experience while embarking on a journey from Abuja to London.

According to her story, she disclosed that they had to fly to Lagos to pick up the pilot who is supposed to fly them to lagos because the Pilot could not reside in Abuja Because of security issues.

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Marlene included  this story while thanking God on her safe arrival to London stating that citizen of  Nigerians should vote wisely in the coming election so they so  can prevent situations like this.

Read her post,

I first have to thank the Almighty for journey mercy then tell my
experience with my so called favorite airline British Airways.
It was surposed to be a six and half hour flight from Abuja to
London but it took almost 11hrs.
Left Abuja on time 8.05 but because according to the airline, due
to security alert in Abuja, the pilot refused to sleep in Abuja…
Don’t ask me who flew the plane to Lagos. With all passengers on
board, we had to fly to lagos to pick up the pilot not a laughing
Touching down in Lagos, a passenger fell ill and we had to wait
for he/she be escorted off the plain without no announcements
made until a few of us exploded  before apology came.
Why l’m l telling you this? Come 2023, we need a government
that will stand for her people internationally. I used to boasts l
only fly British Airways, been flying from when it was British
Caledonian Airways but after the yesterday’s experience, will do a
The crew couldn’t even read the manuals properly as if under trained or staff still leaning were brought in by emergency. What was going through my mind at the moment, l can’t share here but I intend to file a report and hope to get some answers.
I’m happy to be back home.