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“what if I drown?” -4 year old son asked mother before a swimming lesson where he died

Israel ‘Izzy’ Scott

Israel ‘Izzy’ Scott, the  4 year old  boy who expressed his  Aquaphobia  to his mother when his mother wanted to enroll him to s swimming class eventually died when his mother insisted on enrolling him to the lesson.

Isreal before his second swimming less asked his mother ‘ what if i drown’  when eventually claimed his life.

IT was gathered that the boy started taking a beginner swimming class this June but his life was shortened despite warning his mother.

The unfulfilled death of this 4 year old prompted mourners to seek for change in law to protect children  against drowning under the supervision of instructor.

“We are determined that our sweet IZZY’s death, will not be in vain,” according to a GoFundMe page for the Israel ‘Izzy’ Spencer Scott Foundation.

“Izzy’s death has touched so many hearts, many people have reached out wanting to be a part of this process with us in honor of our Izzy.”

The mother  of the deceased boy Dori Scott, disclosed that they were on a family vacation and he decided to enroll izzy on a  swimming lesson unaware that it might claim his life

According to her

“I was telling him, ‘you’re going to be swimming’, and he was so

excited because he always wanted to swim. He always knew the

danger of water but he loved it so much.”

Israel ‘Izzy’ Scott
Israel ‘Izzy’ Scott

However, as Dori was suiting izzy up for his second swimming lesson, he asked her “Why am i putting this on”.

“I told him he had a swim lesson and he said, ‘I don’t wanna go’,

but was in a happy mood,” Dori said.

“He asked, ‘but what if I drown’, and I said, ‘you’re not going to

drown, silly’, and he laughed it off.”

I9T was discovered that Dori took Izzy to  to a private home in

Hephzibah, about 15 miles south of Augusta, Georgia, for the

lesson and waited in her car for the session to finish.

Dori said that parents are not allowed to enter the training

because children do not focus when their parent is around during

their training.

The instructor “told me the parents weren’t allowed to stay

because I guess the kids didn’t act right” with them around, Dori


Dori sat in the car, a parent knocked on her window and said, “Come get your baby”.

It wasn’t time – they still had about six minutes left. I looked at

her again and saw tears in her eyes,” Dori recalled.

That’s when I started screaming because I figured something

was wrong. My whole life changed in a matter of moments.


Israel ‘Izzy’ Scott
Israel ‘Izzy’ Scott

How doeri found out son’s death

On Dori’s entrance to the gate, he saw his son’s unconscious

body on  ground and foaming out white substances.

“I cried and screamed all the way up there and when I got there,

my son was on the side of the pool while they were administering

CPR. He was unresponsive,” she said.

“I could tell by looking at him that he had been under the water

for some time because he was foaming at the mouth and had no


“I asked the swimming instructor what happened and all she

could tell me was she didn’t know. She said, ‘I don’t know. I told

the kids to get out of the pool. I don’t know.’

Dori said she stood at the pool screaming, “Let me hold my

baby!” but she was not allowed because he was receiving CPR

and chest compressions.

Israel was rushed to Burke Medical Center and then Children’s

Hospital of Georgia

“They finally got a heartbeat but once they did a CT scan he was

already brain dead. He’d been under (water) too long,” Dori said.

“He passed in the early hours of June 15, 2022. I never received

an apology.”