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Why are Igbo authors undeniably excellent in Nigeria.

Why Igbo authors are the best

Nigeria is a land blessed with brains and when it comes to literature, Nigerians stand out.

Some of the best literatures from Africa were

authored by Nigerians and amongst the most

respected authors World-wide, Nigeria is well

represented but an amazing observation was

made recently by a Twitter user who claimed igbo authors are undeniably excellent.

After thinking things through and assessing his

claim, it dawned on me that Igbo authors are indeed very excellent.

Why Igbo authors are the best

Although the only Nobel laureate Nigeria has

ever produced is a Yoruba Author in person of

the great Professor Wole Soyinka a master of

African Drama, the most remarkable authors in Africa are Igbo.

There’s is this secret Ingredient in Igbo authored books and I think it is their storytelling abilities. Igbo authors would leave you completely engrossed and soaked in their books for years and years after reading their books you’ll find yourself revisiting them because you remember perfectly well how you felt the very first time you read certain lines.

This claim by the Twitter user led to different arguments and one point that struck me was that “In prose Yes, Igbos are excellent but in Drama and poetry the Yoruba’s stand out and he furthermore claimed it has a lot to do with the language”.

The Igbo language is believed to be highly proverbial which enriches prose writing little surprise the Father of African Literature, the late Chinua Achebe was an Igbo man.

I have read so many well written books like ‘The potters wheel, Half of a yellow Sun, Without a silver spoon, Second class citizen and many more all authored by amazing Igbo Writers.

Back to the argument, what would you say is the reason why Igbo authors are undeniably excellent in Nigeria?