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“Why is she always fighting herself?” – Netizens react as Phyna tells haters to stop watching her online.

The BBNaija season 7 winner Phyna has lashed out  again  to trolls and haters criticizing anf trolling her on social media.

Phyna while on instagram life session lashed out on followers commenting negatively .

The addressing her haters, the hype priestess said that people who did not like her should stop forcing it, avoid watching her videos whenever they come across it, or stop joining her live session to hear her talk about herself.

Phyna further  stressed that she knew people that value her amongst the fanbase and she goes on IG live because of them. She then warned people attacking her, saying she does not have time for nonsense.

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here are some response from netizens about this live session

Jeffry wrote, “Why is this girl always fighting herself? Nawa oo”

Adesuwa wrote, “Who are those imaginary enemies after her na😂

Sandy wrote, ‘Phyna my dear, pls rest😂😂

Rita wrote, “Always fighting imaginary enemies 😂

Brown_shugar wrote, “You trend by force bah, trust me most people no send you 😂😂

Mazijude wrote, “Phyna e be like Daniel Regha pen never touch you. Behave yourself o. Even bible said ‘and Jesus won all’. Instead of you to be capping, why not allow your brand to keep growing in that way you’ll be loved by great number of people that’s how you stay strong in the game. Learn from Whitemoney.”

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Phyna in a  video me made on snap chat slammed her fan for causing trouble for her.

The self acclaimed hype goddess cried out in a new video stating that his fan base popularly called phynation has caused more harm to her than Good.

The star has lamented on the amount of trolling and criticism he gets from fans of her colleagues , he also asked to comparing her life with that of her colleagues to let her live her life.

“I want everyone out of my business, I love you guys, I love you Phynation but it seems you guys have caused more ham than Good to me. Ive been going though a lot lately I really wish everybody should just stay off my business, and let me be. I don’t know if you guys want me to fall into depression, but I’m not giving room for that.


“I only won the show, I did not do it myself…don’t compare me to anybody, I am more of a neutral person than all this. Everybody should just leave me alone”. A visibly enraged Phyna said in part.