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“Witches started attacking me in the dream after I played the role of a witch” – Veteran actress, Iya Gbonkan reveals (Video)

Veteran Yourba Nollywood actress Margret Bandele Olayinka popularly known as Iya Gbonkan has narrated how she was consistently haunted by witches because she plays the role of a With in almost every movie she features.

The 64 year old actress disclosed this in an interview stating that real life witches visits her ever 22 midnight in her daily life after she featured he first movie.

The thespian whose role is playing a witche in every yourba movie thereby instill fear in children and adult in the interview recalled how she was beaten to pulp because she refused to join a coven of witches and was left with swollen as bruised face.

Iya Gbonkan thanks God for her late husband who was alive those trial year, and stood by her to overcome the witches. She said that she was Fortuned to survive that attach because God was by her side and with God’s protection , she was able to continue the role in movies.

Speaking on her reluctance to join the coven, Iya Gbonkan said that she is a mother and will not feed on innocent blood and also that witchcraft is not in her bloodline and it will not now start with her.