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Woman discloses why she got waist beads for “6 weeks old” daughter. (VIDEO)

waist bead on 6 weeks old baby

In viral video making round media, a 6 months old baby that was waisted was spotted ,

and that got netizens to drag and queried the mother, However, the mother took to the

social explaining why  waist beads  was on 6 weeks old baby.


Sharing a video , she wrote

“Waist beads on your infants serve as an adornment and helps most especially to keep track of your baby’s weight!👌

I used our Lush luxe set cause the seeds are safe and tiny enough for a baby and luxurious enough for a lil Princess.

This video however aroused a splitting argument between people who oppose and propose the reason she wore waist beads on 6 weeks old baby

These are some of the reactions from Netizens.

naannelle wrote –
3 weeks I got it done for my girl myself ..yall should she the waist bead it’s so

gorgeous….did the same for her sister. She’s 8 now still wearing waist beads and has a

beautiful defined figure. Even though I have to explain to her physician why she has it on

at every appointment 😆..its the best thing I did for my girls ..it really defines their figure

if u do it for long

ola_bryony wrote –
My own is …. The beading looks firm and with tighten as she grows but hope it won’t be a discomfort for the baby as her body grow in size.

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However one faithful night , that she decided to spend the night at her school mother’s

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In conclusion she said that her school mother later came apologizing to her claiming that she didn’t know what got into her to commit such act.