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Woman stabs her sons to death because she thinks they are devils.

A three year old and 11- month old children have reportedly been stabbed to death by their mother leaving their family and relatives  heart broken .

The two children was found brutally stabbed and in pool of the blood at bath tub, and the their relatives speculated  that their mother stabbed them to death because  they were obsessed with demons.

the children Octavius, 11 months and older sibling Daishawn Fleming , was found repeatedly stabbed on the neck and torso on    Sunday  November 26  at their family house  as revealed by the police source  in charge.

The police force is of the opinion that  the prime  suspect  Dimone “Brenda” who is the mother of the children  stabbed both children to death , but that is still a speculation because Autopsy will be conducted to know if the children died of stabbing or drowning.

The suspect was said to be receiving extensive care from the psychiatric hospital and have not been charged for any crime.

“They were beautiful children, and they did not deserve to
die. It’s simple as that,” Beverly Hill, the paternal
grandmother of 11-month-old victim Octavius Canada told the Daily News. 
“They were beautiful, and they had no reason to die.”

The father of the 11 months old Octavius, Columbus Canada said

that he passed the night at his car after he got into a fight with

Fleming , but on returning home the next day, he saw the lifeless bodies of the two boys.

Octavius’ great aunt, Casey Canada, said Fleming had been talking obsessively about “demons.”
“She thought the kids were devils. She said she was afraid
of them,” said Casey Canada, who looked after both boys
and raised their father, Columbus Canada, like a second mother.

“She definitely loved them, for sure,” Casey Canada said. “That wasn’t fake.”

Fleming clashed with both her own relatives and Canada’s family, Casey Canada said.
“There wasn’t a moment I was around her she wasn’t
loving with the children — but with adults, she could
change in a moment,” the great-aunt said. “She just snapped.”
Fleming’s father, Dwane “Dee” Fleming, said he was skeptical about whether his daughter could have killed her children..
He also said he believes his daughter has postpartum depression, a condition the young mother had been hoping to treat.”