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“World’s dirtiest man dies at 94 in Iran after taking his first bath for more than 50 years

world's dirtiest man
world's dirtiest man

An iranian man Amou Haji  tagged the world’s dirtiest man has died  at the age of 94 after   having his first bath for more than 50 years .

According to reports from local  news ,world’s dirtiest man ,Amou died on sunday  in the village of Dezgha in the southern province of fars .

world's dirtiest man
world’s dirtiest man

Amou reportedly  had not bather  for a couple of centuries stemming from the claim that he met so many setbacks in his youthful life that made him to stop taking his bath.

In Addition with being dirty, Mr Haji also detests fresh food and drink. His favorite food was rotten porcupine and he drank dirty water from a rusty oil can.

world's dirtiest man
world’s dirtiest man

Haji, who spent most of his life in the village of Dejgah, also loved smoking animal feces out of an old pipe, rather than regular tobacco.

IT was reported that on one occasion , he threw himself out of a moving car to prevent himself from being bathed by group of men.

However, few weeks back ,some locals persuaded  to take which he did and fell shortly after he did that and died from the illness ass the news agency reported.


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