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You are the best Nigeria has to offer ~Reno omokri to Peter obi in 2010

Reno omokri

It is no doubt that Reno omokri strongly proposed PDP presidential candidate ATIKU Abubakar and at the same time opposes the Labour party presidential candidate Peter for his own reason.

Reno has made so many opposing statement and comments regarding Obi in his quest for Nigerian presidency

One of his  recent posts reads” Peter Obi and Obidients rightly condemn underaged voting. Yet they used children as young as 5 in a publicity stunt to beg Atiku and Tinubu to step down for Obi based SOLELY on age. Sowore, Adeboye and Kachikwu are younger than Obi. Should Obi step down for them? ”

Therefore a strong supporter of Peter obi and Labour party (OBIDIENTS) was able to revive an old post of Reno omokri where he adored and aspire to follow obi’s footstep in Leadership in the year.

In the post, reno said “My leader, thank you sir, I’m trying to follow in your foot steps ,you are the best Nigeria has to offer, and we are many treading paths you set for us”