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“You can’t kill me. I’m a man of God” – Apostle Johnson Suleman claims following his assassination attempt (video)

Apostle Johnson Suleiman
Apostle Johnson Suleiman

They general overseers of Omega power ministry , Apostle Johnson Suleiman on Friday Night broke silence following the assassination attempt that claimed the life of his aides few hours prior.

Recall that happening247 reported that unknown gunmen attacked the clergy man and his convoy taking the life of this crew members at Otuoke , Edo state.

The Assassination attempt on the clergy man claimed the life of four policemen, one of his drivers and a lady , but the man of God managed to escape with the help of bullet proof car he boarded.

Breaking silence on his assassination and gruesome murder of his aides, the clergy man shared a video on his church’s social media handle , claiming to know who was behind the murder and attack but choose not to mention their names . From this words he said that the people he claimed that did that will debunk his claims.

In his word ,

“I just escaped an assassination attempt where seven people were killed. They opened fire on my car. My wife and my kids were there. The escort car with police, they killed the policemen. They killed the other people in the escort car, the bus, that were with us. They killed seven people.

People who did this are expecting me to come out and mention their names, so they can come out and deny it but I won’t do that. The truth of the matter is, you can’t kill me, my life is in the hand of God, I’m a man of God.”

While addressing the controversy and scandal surrounding his life and family the clergy man said “ a coordinated lie swallows an uncoordinated truth” and with time , the truth will come out.