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You might be used for money ritual — spiritualist warns ladies who sleep naked at their partner’s house

Queen Okoro
Queen Okoro

Queen Okoro   who  is a popular spiritualist that is known on Facebook has warned  ladies who go about sleeping naked at their  boyfriends house.

This spiritualist took to her Facebook account to warn women

doing such to desist from such act as i might lead to them being

used for money ritual by the partners.

Queen , that their lovers might shave their pubic hair or wife their private part with cloth and use it for ritual later on.

The spiritualist also revealed that women’s discharge and pubic are in high demands by Native doctors who use it in completion of their ritual rites.

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“Any time you drink alcohol with your boyfriend or fiancee, pls don’t sl££p n@ked , to avoid mmadu ibere aji ikpu gi nwee mee yahoo ritu@l or clean ṅụọ your ịkpụ with white pieces of paper or tissue.

“No talk say i no tell you or do free something for you. Na

wetin dey reign now. They will tell them to bring your ajị

ịkpụ to make his clients pay him wotoriosly and you sef

you no go know. You go dey for bed with your atachiri ịkpụ

dey reason love while him dey reason money.

“Ike nji ekwucha onu adighim. Off to my WhatsApp to

continue taking down names for the new month rituals”

Queen Okoro
Queen Okoro