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Batch A 2024 NYSC Mobilization. Date .

It is no news that 2024 Nysc mobilization for Batch A  is about to begin.

Batch  A 2024 NYSC  Mobilization
Batch A 2024 NYSC Mobilization

Nysc makes sure that they mobilize about 3 batch and 6 streams  for the scheme each year.

However the 2024 Nysc mobilization for batch A stream 1 has not begun but the exact date it will commence has been Scheduled .


The Nysc board disclosed that online registration for batch A stream 1 2024  PCMs will commence on 29th January and ends on the 4th of February.

Will the Registration closure date be extended?

it is not yet known if the Nysc board will extend the deadline for the registration date but in most cases they do,

but it is wise and advisable to get your documents ready before the registration commence to avoid any disappointments.

Where can NYSC online registration be done ?

The online registration is done in accredited cafe nearest to you in your local government area . All documents are to be Scanned clearly before uploading them .



It is one thing to successfully complete tertiary education in the

country and it is an entirely different thing to get mobilized for

the not entirely compulsory but very necessary service year

within any state in the country. Prospective Corp members ask

themselves and so many people around them different questions

when it boils down to making the right choice of state to go for

service. Considerations such as the amount corps members are

paid in each state, the level of infrastructure in the state, the

state of insecurity, how commendable the state governments

effort is, the cost of living and surviving on daily basis, availability

of job opportunities after the service year and the distance away