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“I wasn’t born with a silver spoon, it was never easy” – Actress, Destiny Etiko recounts her previous struggles before fame (Video)

Destiny Etiko

Controversial Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has resulted  to social media to tearfully  reflect on her past struggles and her before fame and richness got her .

The self acclaimed drama   doll  in the vieo that she shared disclosed that childhood because was so uneasy  she wasn’t born into a wealthy family.

Destiny Etiko

The thespian disclosed that a lot of things went online  her life while growing up and she however hoped to share it  one day in order to motivate and inspire people struggling to survive.


Destiny, said that her life has been like a movie and she’s thankful for how far God has brought her and the doors of opportunities that he has opened onto her.

She said that she is aware that blessings she’s currently enjoying because she’s not the most beautiful, intelligent, educated and endowed and she’s thankful for life.